Global Bio Pharmaceutical Leader, HLB

About HLB

Based on the Open Innovation system,
HLB is growing into a global anti-cancer company based on various anti-cancer drugs obtained through a global network.
Under the medium-term vision of 'the Beginning of the Great Goal', we aim to market more than 5 anti-cancer drugs by 2025,
by developing 'Rivoceranib', the best-in-class targeted anti-cancer therapy, and 'UNITE',
the next-generation immunotherapy vaccine platform for cancer and allergies.
We will realize the dream of better life and life extension of humanity.

Core Business Value
Chairman's Greeting

We will grow based on warm capitalism,
mature corporate citizenship
and practical corporate ethics.

Founded in 1975, HLB's corporate history is said to b e an abbreviation of Korea's manufacturing history.
A small lifeboat manufacturer on a remote beach in Ulsan made ships and fiberglass pipes, and exported
them to the world. Now, as a result of efforts for over 10 years, we are planning to become
a global pharmaceutical bio company.

We grew up but didn't settle down, and when we fell, we got over and got one step further.
Over the last 40 years, gestures of challenge and passion have been engraved in our hearts
as an entrepreneurship called 'DNA of Overcoming and Breakthrough.'

Using practical corporate ethics and strong entrepreneurship as a weapon, we compete against our own limits.
And the challenge of making our dreams into reality is always making our hearts beat.

As we head toward the 50th anniversary of our foundation,
Will you be our partner in this exciting journey?

History of HLB

HLB History


  • HLB, Merged with ‘FA’ and reorganized as 'HLB Healthcare Division’
  • Acquired ‘Knotus’
  • Joined UN Global Compact Initiatives
  • Verismo Therapeutics, established ‘Verismo Asia'
  • - HLB & HLB Pharma, Acquired ‘Verismo Therapeutics’
  • HLB, Acquired 'Immunomic Therapeutics'
  • Acquired global rights of Rivoceranib from 'Advenchen'
  • Rivoceranib, completion of phase 3 global clinical trial for advanced gastric cancer last stage treatment
  • HLB, Merged 'Elevar'
  • Mass-produced HLB65T/F (Boarding cap of 36 people)
  • Relocated from Jeongok Marina Port to Wangsan Marina Port (Hyundai Yacht)
  • Elevar, Completed Rivoceranib's ANGEL study (GC)
  • Rivoceranib's ANGEL study selected as 'Best of ESMO'
  • HLB, Merged 'Hwajin Medical'
  • Rivoceranib, initiated combination therapy with 'Camrelizumab' for 1st line HCC
  • HLB, Exceeded manufacturing 7,000 lifeboats/special ships
  • Elevar, Initiated Rivoceranib's ANGEL study (GC)
  • Designated as an orphan drug (Gastric Cancer 3rd line, US/EU)
  • Rivoceranib, initiated combination therapy with 'Opdivo'
  • HLB, Merged 'HLB Power'
  • HLBLS, Merged 'Shinhwa Advance Co., Ltd '
  • Established 'LSK investment'
  • Licensed-in cancer stem cell targetdrug (tegatrabetan)
  • Licensed-in cancer epigenetics based new drug candidate (SP-2577)
  • HLBP, HLB Network incorporated into 'Samgwang PS Corporation'
  • Changed company name to 'HLB Power'
  • HLB, Merged LSKB as a subsidiary
  • Established 'HLB Elec' (physical division of electric/mechanical field)
  • Built 2nd GRP/GRE pipe plant
  • HLB, Launched 'Aproview' (Automotive HUD (Head-up Display))
  • Established 'Hyundai Lifeboats Shangai Co., Ltd.'
  • Established ' Hyundai Cosmos Yachting' and launched yacht charter service at Jeongok Marina Port
  • Merged with subsidiary Hyundai Lifeboat Co., Ltd.
  • Built/Delivered multi-functional super yacht 'Gyeonggi Ocean' (Gyeonggi Provincial Government)
  • Won $20M Export trophy
  • Selected 'World's First-Class Product' by Ministry of Knowledge & Economy
  • Changed company name to 'HLB'
  • Awarded “$10M Export Tower” Entered GRP/GRE PIPE Market
  • Completed construction of new office building and assembly factory
  • Established 'HLB Networks', 'Hyundai Lifeboats Singapore Pte. Ltd.'
  • Changed name as 'Inno GDN Co., Ltd.'
  • Equipped GRP PIPE production & test equipment
  • Established 'Hyundai Yahcts Co., Ltd.'
  • Established 'Lifecord International USA, Inc'
  • Changed name as 'Lifecord International Co., Ltd.'
  • Produced Sail yacht 31ft
  • Awarded '41th Trade day – $5M, export achievement price'
  • Separated from Hyundai Precision Industries and established 'Hyundai Lifeboat'
  • Obtained NKK quality certificate, JP (Over-the-counter registered Corp. in JP)
  • Export Motor Yacht, 'Sonata31ft' to S.E. Asia
  • Obtained ISO 9001 (94-292, Intertek)
  • Export Motor Yacht, 'Eleghant54ft' to USA
  • Established 'Kukje Stainless Valve Industry Co., Ltd.'
  • Built 'Blue Bird' (33ft) and succeeded crossing the pacific first in the nation
  • Delivered 1st lifeboat to Hyundai Heavy Industries (open-type)
  • Produced 30~44ft Sail Yachts (152, OEM)
  • Established 'Kyungil Yacht' (a subsidiary of Hyundai Precision Industries)

HLB is building a global management network
to create an optimal environment for the development and sale of new drugs.

Head office
Address : (45011) 216-53, Dangwol-ro, Onsan-eup, Ulju-gun, Ulsan
Tel : +82-52-240-3500
E-Mail : hlb@hlb-group.com
Seoul office
Address : (06193) 420, Teheran-ro, Mayple Tower 15f, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea
Tel : +82-2-3453-1975
E-Mail : hlb@hlb-group.com
HLB Healthcare
Address : (30068) 10-5, Myeonghaksandanseo-ro, Yeondong-myeon, Sejong
Tel : +82-44-862-9134
E-Mail : hlbhc@hlbbio.co.kr